We won another medal! The trophée d´argent á Deauville

Another big thank you to my crews and to my producers and to our Kazahk clients. What a wonderful experience!!!!

The Deauville festival is fairly new (4th year). It concentrates on films with "green" content. I have seen extraordinary films there on shocking issues.  We submitted our film announcing the World Expo 2017 in Kasachstan on Future Energy. And the jury heard the message...

It´s quite a trip to get to Deauville. Train to Paris, cross town to another station and then ride another train to Normandy...Glad to have arrived!

The real "glitz" of Deauville seems to have vanished over time, but it is still very charming.

The festival headquarter.

The Entree to the awards...

At the Gala. Honoroured to have the Premiere Secrétaire, Yerbol Sarypbekov, of the Kazakh Embassy Paris at my side during the event.